Nutritional analysis of cupcakes base meal of leaves and stems of ora-pro-nobis (Pereskia aculeata)

Luciele Milani ZEM, Cristiane Vieira HELM, Katia Christina ZUFFELATTO-RIBAS, Henrique Soares KOEHLER


Food and nutrition are basic requirements for the ascension and protection of human health. However, food education is a slow process. Therefore, the use of unconventional vegetables as food, such as Pereskia aculeata, a cactaceae rich in essential proteins and used to fight against malnutrition is encouraged. The objectives of this study were to determine the bromatological composition of cupcakes made of leaves and stems of Pereskia aculeata, as well as to characterize the nutrients and minerals present therein. Four recipes were tested: natural cupcake; with dry leaves flour; with leaf+stem flour; and with fresh leaves. The levels of moisture, ashes, proteins, dietary fibers, lipids, total carbohydrates, total caloric value, and minerals were determined. Cupcakes made with Pereskia aculeata flour are a consuming alternative with excellent nutritional value. Cupcakes prepared with dry leaf flour presented high protein content and those with leaf meal + stem presented a higher dietary fiber content. However, both presented satisfactory results for the phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, copper, and zinc minerals. Therefore, the cupcakes with dry leaf flour and leaves+stem, due to their nutritional qualities, are the most suitable option for consumption.



Cactaceae, PANC, Cake, Chemical composition, Nutritional value.

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